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How are you taking care of your hands?

How are you taking care of your hands?

Do you work in an office?

Do you do a lot of gardening this time of year?

Do you have pain or arthritis in your hands?

Have you ever heard of hand reflexology? 🖐🫶

If your hands need a little extra TLC, this time of year hand reflexology is an amazing session to try.

I know that most people really love the foot reflexology sessions, but we can incorporate more hand reflexology into your session if you would like to try it!

Many clients love the combination of both foot and hand reflexology. If you don't like your feet being touched, you can get a stand-alone hand reflexology session.

I personally love hand reflexology. I do mini hand reflexology sessions on myself all the time, and it is amazing!

Would you like to try hand reflexology?

Leave a 🖐 in the comments if you would like to try hand reflexology and a ❤️ if you already love it👇👇👇





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