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New Workshop with Resilent Seed Wellness

Instrumental Soul Care💖💖🤍

Join Jennifer Pridham of Resilent Seed Wellness and Sarah Szwakob Holistic Living for a blissful event.

While we are moving through life together, alongside each other, there are various practices that can support our healthfulness and capacity to connect in presence.

Throughout this nourishing evening we will draw from the wisdom of Ayurveda, using pranayama, aura cleansing, sensory journey, intentional movement, guna therapy (chakra balancing), and a yoga nidra session with hands-on healing touch, to attune our instruments of Body, Heart & Soul with harmonious care.

Reserve your spot today and discover some new rituals from sacred, ancient traditions!

$55 per person( includes HST)

10 spaces available

E-transfer required to confirm your spot




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